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This masterpiece of haute horology was inspired by Pierre Jaquet-Droz (1721-1790), the Swiss watchmaker who pioneered the field of automata (animated robot dolls). It is a perfect marriage of artistic design and mechanical complexity. The franck muller replica watches provides the incredible spectacle.Patek Philippe Replica Watches It features eight different 3-D animations, all of which can be reactivated with a single button. But that's not all. The minute repeater's gongs are the next part of the charming story.

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Two years of hard work were required by the watchmaker to create a watch that would be reminiscent of Pierre franck muller replica watches's automaton and horological expertise.Patek Aquanaut Replica Watches The Museum of Art and History in Neuchatel in Switzerland displays his most famous creations, including the Musician, Writer and Draftsman. His table clocks, pocket watches and music boxes also featured automata birds as common motifs. Many of these creations can still be seen today at Jaquet-Droz’s birthplace, Sur le Pont farm, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, which is the watchmaking cradle.

Nearly two centuries later, the Bird Repeater watch is still in use. It combines the best of both old and new technologies. This timepiece is not only mechanically flawless, but also has a high artistic value. franck muller replica watches's painters, engravers and embroiderers did a great job with the mother-of pearl dial.Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replica It features two tiny automatons of the Blue Tits bird, a native to the Swiss Jura, perched on the edge of their nest, above two hatchlings. The stunning 3-D effect is created by the combination of birds and a background that faithfully portrays Saut du Doubs waterfall, Swiss Canton. Neuchatel. A black sub-dial off-center displays hours and minutes, while the hands in rose-gold display them.

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The surprise comes after you have been amazed at the artistry and creativity. One button push activates a complicated mechanism driven by a cam system that brings to life eight animations. While the first bird feeds one of its fledglings while the second spreads its wings and reveals its beautiful feathers, it is followed by the other.franck muller replica watches The story continues as the egg in the nest opens to reveal a chick while the waterfall behind flows in a continuous stream. For the complete experience, please click the video link below.

A push-button activates a minute repeater that produces beautiful cathedral gongs. These resonant tones can be generated by turning the movement two times. The watch's extraordinary performance is due to the franck muller replica watches Caliber RMA88 manual-winding mechanism. It has 508 components and 79 jewels. The watch's power reserve is 48 hours. Through a sapphire case-back, you can see the harmonious interplay between its parts.

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franck muller replica watches Bird Repeater is available in limited series of eight pieces.franck muller replica watches They are available in rose gold (472,500) and white gold with diamonds (493,500). These robust 47mm cases are fitted with rolled-edged black alligator straps with rose gold folding clasps.

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